Stoyan Sgourev
Professeur , Département Management

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Présentation Thèmes de Recherche Publications
Ph.D. in Sociology, Stanford University 

MA Sociology, Central European University - Warsaw, Poland 

MA Sociology, University of Sofia - Bulgaria
Post Doctoral Fellow at IMVP, MIT (Sloan School of Management) - Cambridge, USA
Thèmes de Recherche
Economic Sociology - Social networks - Organizations

Publications académiques
  "Brokerage as Catalysis: How Diaghilev's Ballets Russes Escalated Modernism" (S. Sgourev), Organization Studies, mars 2015, Vol. 36, Numéro 3, p. 343‑361
  "Balancing Permission and Prohibition: Private Trade and Adaptation at the VOC" (S. Sgourev, W. Van Lent ), Social Forces, mars 2015, Vol. 93, Numéro 3, p. 933‑955
  "Pièces de Résistance? Core and Casual Consumers? Valuations of Aesthetically Incongruent Artworks" (N. Althuizen , S. Sgourev), Psychology and Marketing, août 2014, Vol. 31, Numéro 8, p. 604‑614
  "Notable or Not Able: When Are Acts of Inconsistency Rewarded? " (S. Sgourev, N. Althuizen), American Sociological Review, avr. 2014, Vol. 79, Numéro 2, p. 282‑302
  "How Paris Gave Rise to Cubism (and Picasso): Ambiguity and Fragmentation in Radical Innovation " (S. Sgourev), Organization Science, déc. 2013, Vol. 24, Numéro 6, p. 1601‑1617
  "The Dynamics of Risk in Innovation: a Premiere or an Encore?" (S. Sgourev), Industrial and Corporate Change , mars 2013, Vol. 22, Numéro 2, p. 549‑575
  ""Wall Street? Meets Wagner: Harnessing Institutional Heterogeneity" (S. Sgourev, ), Theory and Society, juil. 2011, Vol. 40, Numéro 4, p. 385‑416
  "Leaving in Droves: Exit Chains in Network Attritionts" (S. Sgourev), The Sociological Quarterly , juil. 2011, Vol. 52, Numéro Summer, p. 421‑441
  "Breaking Up is Hard to Do: Irrational Inconsistency in Commitment to an Industry Peer Network" (S. Sgourev, E. Zuckerman), Rationality and Society , mars 2011, Vol. 23, Numéro 1, p. 3‑34
  "The Explosive Rise of a Political Party: The Logic of 'Sudden Convergence" (S. Sgourev), European Sociological Review, déc. 2010, Vol. 26, Numéro 6, p. 639‑654
  "Peer Capitalism: Parallel Relationships in the U.S. Economy " (S. Sgourev), American Journal of Sociology, mars 2006, Vol. 111, p. 1327‑1366
  "Lake Wobegon Upside Down; The Paradox of Status Devaluation " (S. Sgourev), Social Forces, mars 2006, p. 1497‑1519
  "Improving Capabilities Through Industry Peer Networks" (S. Sgourev), Sloan Management Review, janv. 2006, p. 33‑38

  Dangerous Liaisons: Bridging Micro and Macro Levels in Creativity Research . In: Multidisciplinary Contributions to the Science of Creative Thinking. Singapore (Singapore ) : Springer , Giovanni Corazza and Sergio Agnoli (University of Bologna). 2015, p. 103-116

Autres publications
Articles de presse
  "Quand l'entrepreneuriat devient un projet collectif". Les Echos, 05 juin 2008, p. 6-7
  "Les réseaux de pairs, un rempart anti-complaisance". Business digest, 01 avr. 2008, p. 24-26

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