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Professeur, Département Systèmes d'Information, Sciences de la Décision et Statistiques (IDS)

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nternational Teachers Program (ITP) 2010, Kellogg School of Management

Doctorate in Operations Research, Paris-Dauphine University

Master of Research in Management Science, Paris-Dauphine University

ESSEC Grande Ecole (M.Sc in Management)

Bachelor in Mathematics & Social Sciences, Paris-Dauphine University

Laurent Alfandari is a Full Professor at ESSEC Business School, in the Information Systems, Decision Sciences and Statistics (IDS) Department. His research field is Operations Research and Decision analytics. He published book chapters and articles in international journals such as the European Journal of Operational Research, Annals of Operations Research, Computers and Operations Research, Discrete Applied Mathematics, Journal of Scheduling, Transportation Science, Omega. He teaches Decision Analytics and Operations Research courses in various ESSEC Business School programs (Grande Ecole Master in Management, Executive MBA, Executive Education SCM programs, PhD). He was also the Academic Director of the ESSEC specialized master in Logistics and Supply Chain Management. He carried out consulting studies and industrial contracts for SNCF, Babcock-Wanson, ESSEC BS, Aid-Impact. He was a member of the research team ranked #4 for the ROADEF-EURO international Challenge proposed by EDF in 2010, and also participated to the 2012 Google Challenge. He was Vice-President of the French Society of Operations Research & Decision-Aid (ROADEF) from 2012 to 2015.
Publications académiques
  "Solving utility-maximization selection problems with Multinomial Logit demand: is the First-Choice model a good approximation?" (L. Alfandari, V. Denoyel, A. Thiele), Annals of Operations Research
  "Trade-offs between the stepwise cost function and its linear approximation for the Modular Hub Location Problem" (M. Keshvari‑Fard, L. Alfandari), Computers and OR, avr. 2019, Vol. 104, p. 358‑374
  "Tighter MIP formulations for Barge Container Ship Routing" (L. Alfandari, T. Davidovic, F. Furini, I. Ljubic, V. Maras, S. Martin), OMEGA, janv. 2019, Vol.  82, p.  38‑ 54
  "Robust optimization for non-linear impact of data variation" (L. Alfandari, JC. Espinoza‑Garcia), Computers and OR, nov. 2018, Vol. 99, p. 38‑47
  "Robust location of new housing developments using a choice model" (JC. Espinoza‑Garcia, L. Alfandari), Annals of Operations Research, janv. 2018
  "Optimizing healthcare network design under reference pricing and parameter uncertainty" (V. Denoyel, L. Alfandari, A. Thiele), European Journal of Operational Research, mai 2017, Vol. 263, Numéro 3, p. 996‑1006
  "The Multicommodity-Ring Location Routing Problem" (P. Gianessi, L. Alfandari), Transportation Science, juin 2016, Vol. 50, Numéro 2, p. 541‑558
  "Fast machine reassignment" (F. Butelle, L. Alfandari, C. Coti, L. Finta, L. Létocart, G. Plateau, A. Rozenknop, R. Wolfer‑Calvo, F. Roupin), Annals of Operations Research, mai 2016, Vol. 242, Numéro 1, p. 133‑160
  "Advertising and quality-dependent word of mouth in a contagion sales model" (L. Alfandari, G. Feichtinger, D. Grass, R. Hartl, P. Kort), Journal of Optimization Theory and Applications, déc. 2015, Numéro Forthcoming, p. 1‑15
  "A Branch-and-Price-and-Cut approach for Sustainable Crop Rotation Planning" (L. Alfandari, A. Plateau, X. Schepler), European Journal of Operational Research, mars 2015, Vol. 241, Numéro 3, p. 872‑879
  "A note on the Clustered Set Covering Problem" (L. Alfandari, J. Monnot), Discrete Applied Mathematics, févr. 2014, Vol.  164, Numéro 1, p.  13‑ 19
  "Solving electricity production planning by column generation" (L. Alfandari, R. Wolfler‑Calvo, A. Rozenknop, L. Létocart, D. Chemla), Journal of Scheduling, déc. 2013, Vol. 16, Numéro 6, p. 585‑604
  "Hybrid column generation for large-size Covering Integer Programs: application to Transportation Planning" (L. Alfandari, J. Sadki, A. Plateau, A. Nagih), Computers and OR, août 2013, Vol. 40, Numéro 8, p. 1938‑1946
  "A MIP flow model for crop-rotation planning in a sustainable development context." (L. Alfandari, JL. Lemalade, A. Nagih, G. Plateau), Annals of Operations Research, oct. 2011, Vol. 190, Numéro 1, p.  149‑ 164
  "Edge cover by connected bipartite subgraphs" (L. Liberti, L. Alfandari, MC. Plateau), Annals of Operations Research, sept. 2011, Vol. 188, Numéro 1, p. 307-329
  "Improved approximation of the Soft-Capacitated facility Location Problem" (L. Alfandari), RAIRO Operations Research, mars 2007, Vol. 41, p.  83‑ 93
  "The Minimum Bounded-Diameter Spanning Forest Problem Is Log-Approximable" (L. Alfandari), Foundations of Computing and Decision Sciences, janv. 2001, p. 123‑132
  "Master-slave Strategy and Polynomial Approximation" (L. Alfandari, V. Paschos), Computational Optimization and Applications, sept. 2000, Vol. 16, Numéro 3, p. 231‑245
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  "The Greedy Approach for the Crew Pairing Problem: Some Cases of Polynomial Subproblems" (L. Alfandari), Cahiers du Lamsade (Laboratoire d'Analyse et de Modélisation de Systèmes d'Aide à la Décision), janv. 1999, Vol. 159

  Airline Crew Pairing Optimization. In: Applications of Combinatorial Optimization (avec A. Nagih). : Wiley, V. Th. Paschos. 2010, p. 1-22
  Optimisation de la construction de rotations d'équipages en transport aérien. In: Optimisation combinatoire 3. Applications (traité IC2) (avec A. Nagih). Paris (France) : Hermes. Lavoisier, PASCHOS V.T.. 2006
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Working papers
  "Robust Location of New Housing Developments Using a Choice Model" (J. Espinoza Garcia, L. Alfandari). Essec Research Center, DR‑1521 nov. 15.
  "A Branch-and-Price-and-Cut Approach for Sustainable Crop Rotation Planning" (L. Alfandari, A. Plateau, X. Schepler). Essec Research Center, DR‑1408 avr. 14.
  "Approximation of the Constrained Path Covering Problem" LIPN CNRS UMR 7030, Université Paris XIII, hal00174878 sept. 07.
  "Improved Approximation of the General Soft-Capacitated Facility Location Problem" (L. Alfandari). Essec Research Center, DR‑05003 mars 05.
  "Choice Rules with Size Constraints for Multiple Criteria Decision Making" (L. Alfandari). Essec Research Center, DR‑04002 janv. 04.
  "A Path-relinking Algorithm for the Generalized Assignement Problem" (A. Plateau, P. Tolla). Essec Research Center, DR‑02007 avr. 02.
  "A two-phase Path Relinking algorithm for the Generalized Assignment Problem" (avec A. Plateau). CNAM-Laboratoire Cédric , 378 janv. 01.

Autres publications
Communications publiées
  "Aproximation of the Clustered Set Covering Problem", avec J. Monnot. In : Electronic Notes in Discrete Mathematics, ISCO 2010, Hammamet. : ISCO, 2010.
  "Une approche de modélisation générique pour la gestion des locomotives frêt à la SNCF", N. Marcos, D. de Almeida, D. Gauyacq, A. Nagih, G. Plateau ", avec N. Marcos, D. De Almeida, D. Gauyacq, A. Nagih, G. Plateau. In : Proceedings Conference ROADEF 2005, ROADEF 2005, Tours. (France) : , 2005.
  "On the Approximation of Some Spanning Arborescence Problems", avec V. Paschos. In : Advances in Computer and Information Sciences '98. 13th International Symposium on Computer and Information Sciences (ISCIS), Antalya (Turquie) : Ios Press, Ohmsha, 1998, p. 574-581.

Articles de presse
  "Une approche de modélisation générique pour la gestion des locomotives frêt à la SNCF". 01 janv. 2005
  "Solving freight locomotive scheduling problems". 01 janv. 2005

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